Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green before it was cool

Here is a little peek at a couple of projects I have finished recently. I went "green" way before it was cool because even as a young girl I was intrigued with Junque. It lured me to give it a new life, a fresh look and a new start.
Growing up in the 1960's , it was safe for me to walk through the alleys and wander around picking through my diamonds in the rough. I had quite the imagination creating my own history for each special and precious discovery.

These birdies on perched on old drawer pulls ...whose hands have touched these to open drawers of treasures? They are attached to wooden bulls eye blocks from vintage door molding ... if only they could tell us who walked through their doorways... I used old song book paper many times were these songs sung to worship Him? ... and scrabble tiles ...maybe you played with these exact pieces once upon a time... Maybe.

You never know.

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bunnytrails said...

Fabulous!! LOve what you did with our little birdies!! I also love how you described your creations. So win our contest! We missed you at SPQOH yesterday. It went great and had around 50 or more people! Love ya!