Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ella's gone Etsy

I've gone Etsy! No, I don't mean crazy. I have decided to use my Ella Elaine website as a presence and to sell my items on Etsy. My website has been a constant uphill battle for the last 3+ years now. I like having it, but loading photos and information is a huge struggle for me. Etsy is much more user friendly. I feel more in control when I know what I am doing.

So, go check out Ella's Etsy and mark it as one of your favorites. I only have a few items listed, but that will be changing soon.

I am excited to make the change!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big H & Mini Round Top

Last week my husband had a business conference in Houston. Well, I just had to tag along because my grandson happens to live in Sugar Land which is on the outskirts of big H. The first couple of days I was stuck in a downtown hotel. This was not too exciting, but I did get to go eat lunch with my son who works downtown. He showed me how to navigate the tunnels. I never knew there was a whole other world going on under all those skyscrapers! Downtown seems to have rebounded from Hurricane Ike and is running on high octane now.

I captured this beautiful sunset out my window. If you have to be in a city hotel, this is the view to have ...

Finally we headed out to see my sweet grandson, Jackson. We took him to the Houston Zoo on Saturday. Our first stop was the carousel. He was more comfortable riding on the bench than on the tiger Nana first sat him on. (Yikes!)

I think this is such a sweet picture of father and son. Do you see those curls?

Okay, while I was in the hotel I had plenty of time to spend in Blogland. I came across an antique show to be held that Sunday

(The Urban Market Houston)

and it was on our way home! Yoo Hoo...

Dear Hubby was so thrilled.

I found the address and we promptly entered it in our GPS and "Go Go Guy" led the way.

These burlap sacks are being used to recover furniture.

Cool, but a little scratchy!

We did not get to the sale until about 12:30. I was told there were thousands waiting to get in at 9:00 that morning. Needless to say, everything seemed a bit picked over.

I loved this clever use of red faucet handles.

Carolyn Westbrook's booth. I took more photos of her booth, but there were so many people everywhere I kept getting their backsides and of course while they were bending over too.

All pink and pretty at Willow Nest's tent.

More photos are found at:

Garden Antqs Vintage

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Green before it was cool

Here is a little peek at a couple of projects I have finished recently. I went "green" way before it was cool because even as a young girl I was intrigued with Junque. It lured me to give it a new life, a fresh look and a new start.
Growing up in the 1960's , it was safe for me to walk through the alleys and wander around picking through my diamonds in the rough. I had quite the imagination creating my own history for each special and precious discovery.

These birdies on perched on old drawer pulls ...whose hands have touched these to open drawers of treasures? They are attached to wooden bulls eye blocks from vintage door molding ... if only they could tell us who walked through their doorways... I used old song book paper many times were these songs sung to worship Him? ... and scrabble tiles ...maybe you played with these exact pieces once upon a time... Maybe.

You never know.