Monday, June 15, 2009

The perfect place to be

I took the leap. I moved downstairs at the Antique Company Mall. I am now on the main aisle across from the check-out counter. There is more room, better access and it is the
perfect place to be.
My Dear Hubby and I set last Friday and Saturday as our days to paint and set up. We didn't know that a recent lightning storm had fried some of the wiring in the building. This meant we didn't have any air or much lighting. Both of my booths upstairs did not have any working lights. I must say it was not the best working conditions and we were really tired at the end of the weekend. I am still fluffing and fussing over every detail, but it is getting there.

I took an old vintage frame and painted the inside with chalkboard paint. I was inspired to add the twigs and birds from an Anthropologie display I had seen on Roxanne's blog.

I tried to take photos starting at the front right and work back and around to the other side. It is hard to know what something will look like to someone who hasn't been there.

Does that make any sense?

I spotted one of the other dealers bringing this table in to sell in her booth, but it needed to be right my booth.

I made hanging screens from vintage sheet music and old door insets. I adapted this idea from a booth I saw on a blog sometime back. If anyone knows whose blog this idea is from, please let me know so I can give them credit. (Update: I saw this on The Veranda's Oct. 2008 blog post. It was on a much grandiose scale, but that is what spurred the idea for my screens.)

The view from the check-out counter.

I will be adding new goodies frequently, so visit often!


Curious Goods said...


Your new space looks amazing! I love the "screen" and have also seen that sort of idea before but I don't remember where. I have wanted to try it but have never had the right place to do it. You found the perfect place! I hope your new area will work well for you. Hugs, Donna

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Nancy, your space looks awesome! Great move. I liked both upstairs and down when we visited. Hope your sales increase tremendously!!

molly said...

OK - I have got to get over there to see your darling booth. I love the new space on all your displays!!! too cute!! I hope you do even better in your new location!

bunnytrails said...

Looks absolutely amazing and fabulous! The screen idea is "the best". Proud of ya, friend!!

Margo said...

I love your booth, you and I think alike. Great job in the screen, I missed that idea, thanks for sharing.
I'll have to make it out to your place one of these days.



Wow! Your space looks wonderful! Saw some ideas I'm going to have to steal.... I mean borrow. I borrowed the idea for the hanging screen from somewhere -- either Curious Sofa or Elizabeth House (I think). I'm using it again for an upcoming show. Good luck in your new perfect space... Maggie

Ki said...

Congrats! Your booth looks wonderful! I love the screen, as well. Good luck and enjoy your new junk home!